Volunteer for the G.O. TEAM! 

Volunteer with our Grassroots Organizing Team and 

connect with voters in our communities, building better

 turnout with a personal touch. By walking and talking 

with voters, we average a 14% increase in Democratic 

voter turnout in our GO Team covered precincts!  We'll 

provide training, support, and all the materials you'll 

need to talk to fellow Democrats or to provide data 

support. During the months leading up to each election,

 you'll be walking/calling with a list of all the endorsed 

candidates to encourage full-ticket voting. We would be

 glad to have your help. 

E-mail us at: south@goteamsd.org

Monthly New Citizens Voter Registration

and Chula Vista Street fairs! 

Contact Bonnie Alloway at jmalloway@cox.net

Here are details:

San Diego Concourse - Golden Hall Address:
202 W C St
San Diego, California 92101

TIME:  You may come for the entire morning (7:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm), OR you may come from 8am - 10 am (first shift) or 10:30 - 12:30 (second shift)

DAY :  Wednesday:  Usually third Wed. of the month. Please simply email Bonnie at jmalloway@cox.net with the time you'll be there. You don't need to bring anything; everything will be supplied for you. We'll have registration forms, clipboards, pens, and can give you a quick guide on how easy the form and the process are. Please wear sunscreen if it's a sunny day, and come prepared for an enjoyable experience!  Please contact Bonnie to let her know that you will be coming. 

The new citizens AND our democracy thank you!