In the neighborhood outreach we've done so far this year, we've learned that local Democratic voters are motivated and ready to make their voices heard. They just need to know more about what will be on the ballot. 

Early voting in the primary election starts in just two months. Now is the time for new Neighborhood Leaders to get trained to join the GO Team, our County Party's program for door-to-door contact! 

We already know the GO Team is incredibly effective at increasing turnout and educating voters about our candidates -- in other words, helping Democrats win elections. 

Will you sign up to volunteer? 

Each event will cover the key races on the June ballot, highlight the latest in registration and election practices, and prepare you to have successful conversations with voters. 

Closer to when vote-by-mail ballots are sent in early May, the Party office will supply GO Team volunteers with targeted voter lists and and doorhangers with all our endorsements -- including District Attorney, Judge, Board of Supervisors, and other important offices that won't have a "D" or "R" next to the candidate's name. 

This program helped us elect 70% of the local candidates we supported in the last election. At a time when Democrats are highly enthusiastic and engaged, we're looking forward to making big gains in 2018, with your help.

If you're not already a GO Team Neighborhood Leader, I urge you to sign up now to make a difference in this election as a grassroots advocate for progress in your community. 


Ryan Hurd
Executive Director, San Diego County Democratic Party